Without Vision, There Is No Victory!

Videos and interviews about Hawk Eye and some about sports vision training.

"The Chicago Force, (women's tackle football), started  using the Hawk Eye DVD about 3 years ago and since that time we have put together three  consecutive undefeated regular seasons.  Additionally, we have had one player on our team lead the league in receiving two of the three years.  I plan on using this DVD with the USA Women's National Team in 2013 and my high school in the fall of 2013."

John Konecki

Head Coach Chicago Force

Head Coach Crete-Monee H.S.

Head Coach USA Womens National Team

Hawk eye Sports Vision training

AHSAA Summer Sports Expo 2016



The Relationship Between Visual Skills and Tennis Performance of NCAA Division 1 Tennis Players
by Fran Spanio (1/15/2011)
Sport Science Research Laboratory Texas A&M, Corpus Christi
"The results of this study indicate a significant positive relationship between visual skills and tennis performance of NCAA Division 1 tennis players.  Subsequently  coaches may consider using visual skills programs ___ to assess and train tennis athletes." 

"I got the Package Thursday, after using it for three days I can notice a difference in my vision, I caught passes today with ease and did't drop a single ball."

Arron, a high school football player in Texas



Hawk Eye Sports Vision was instrumental in our success at Godby High School in our pursuit of the 2012 State Championship.  We believed in it so much we incorporated it in to our physical education classes.

Ronnie Cottrell

Head Football Coach

Godby High School

An NCAA Study Concluded
"The result of this study indicate that NCAA D1 baseball players that receive visual skills training produce significantly higher battedball velocities than NCAA D1 baseball players that did not receive visual skills training.
Visual skills training is a relatively new training technique used to enhance athletic performance.  Coaches and players attempting to enhance batting performance may consider the addition of visual skills training to their practice and training programs."

10 Facts The Eyes

Did you know that the eyes themselves are not what actually allow you to see? They are simply a conveyance for messages sent from the brain, via the optic nerve.

Similarly, did you know that only one-sixth of your eye is even visible to the outside world? Or that your eyes are comprised of more than two million intricately connected working parts?

And that’s just the beginning! Here are 10 fascinating facts about the eyes.

1.  Your eyes focus on 50 different objects every second.
2.  The only organ more complex than the eye is the brain.
3.  Your eyes can distinguish approximately 10 million different colors.
4.  It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.
5.  Your eye is the fastest contracting muscle in the body, contracting in less than 1/100th of a second.
6.  80 percent of all learning comes through the eyes.
7.  Your eyes can detect a candle flame 1.7 miles away.
8.  Your iris (the colored part of your eye) has 256 unique characteristics; your fingerprint has just 40.
9.  The optic nerve contains more than one million nerve cells.
10.  The average person blinks 12 times a minute.

Hawk Eye Sports Vision Training is the first and only DVD based training system for the muscles of the eyes.  Since 2009 Hawk Eye has been helping athletes improve in the areas of TRACKINGPERIPHERAL VISION, FOCUSING, CONCENTRATION, STAMINA, REACTION and VISUAL MEMORY.

Used by the 2013 WFA National Champion Chicago Force  and the 2012 Florida 5A Football Champion Godby High School. Several Region Championship programs in the 2016 AHSAA Football Playoffs and several collegiate and Professional Athletes.